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          Ab Sword has earned its renowned reputation by offering high-quality, fully operational swords for sale to passionate enthusiasts globally. Our selection features an array of classic samurai and ninja blades, all meticulously hand-forged by master artisans. When you invest in one of our swords, you acquire a meticulously crafted, full tang, and fully functional masterpiece. Whether you intend to use it for dojo training or proudly display it as an art piece in your home, our collection of genuine swords has the ideal blade for your requirements.

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From the meticulous folding of steel for strength and flexibility to the intricate hamon patterns created through clay tempering, each sword is a work of art.

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Samurai swords, or katanas, are special due to their unique craftsmanship, historical significance, and cultural symbolism. They are renowned for their distinctive curved shape, sharpness, and the intricate process involved in their making. Traditionally crafted katanas are considered works of art, embodying the samurai spirit and Japanese heritage. Their enduring appeal lies in their blend of functional design, aesthetic beauty, and deep-rooted symbolism in Japanese culture.

Katanas were initially created as weapons for samurai, the warrior class of feudal Japan. They were designed to be effective tools for self-defense, combat, and battlefield use. The curved blade and sharp edge of the katana made it well-suited for cutting and slicing, and it could be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Every Katana in our inventory boasts a full tang construction. Through meticulous hand forging, we ensure that the blade seamlessly extends into the handle, enhancing both strength and resilience. This construction not only elevates the sword’s performance during practice but also pays homage to the revered Japanese craftsmanship and tradition.


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Our Katanas are meticulously crafted through traditional forging techniques, guided by the skilled hands of seasoned craftsmen. To ensure the utmost sharpness, precision, and the ability to perform Tameshigiri cutting, we entrust the polishing process to a master in the art. Additionally, we provide an option for razor-sharp precision, where our master polisher dedicates extra hours to perfecting your sword, ensuring it cuts with the precision and sharpness of a razor.

The Hamon, an integral feature of the Katana, serves as the temper line that demarcates the sharpest segment of the blade from the more resilient section. This process involves the careful application of a unique clay mixture to the blade, imparting distinct heating characteristics. As a result, the blade attains a heightened HRC hardness at its edge, a critical facet of Katana forging.Understanding the Hamon is pivotal when assessing the authenticity of your Katana, as this distinctive line is inherent to all Katanas. Subsequently, during the stone polishing phase, the Hamon line is further unveiled, ensuring the blade is honed to razor-sharp precision while revealing the intricate details of the Hamon. An authentic Katana invariably features a differentially tempered blade, showcasing the iconic Hamon, a hallmark of its genuine heritage.

AbSword is not just another sword reseller; we take pride in being a dedicated sword manufacturer. This distinction allows us to offer our exceptional swords at highly competitive prices. By bypassing the extra markups associated with intermediaries, we extend to our customers the advantage of more budget-friendly pricing while upholding the superior quality of our swords.Our comprehensive control over the entire production process, spanning from the conceptualization and meticulous crafting of each sword to rigorous quality control measures, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Being a direct manufacturer affords us the capacity to guarantee the utmost craftsmanship and uncompromised quality in all our products.

A Katana crafted in Japan using the renowned Tamahagane steel by a skilled Japanese blacksmith, following the time-honored tradition, often comes with a price tag ranging between $5,000 and $15,000. However, the world of Katanas can be somewhat perplexing, as there are also antique Katanas, traditionally forged, which can be discovered as second-hand items priced at $1,000 or more, depending on their condition. Additionally, you can encounter traditionally forged Katanas in various countries, crafted from alternative high-quality steels, available for a few hundred dollars.

At our store, we proudly offer a range of Katanas, starting at a modest $200.

AbSword stands proudly as a distinguished sword manufacturer, distinct from the typical role of a reseller. Our expertise lies in the art of crafting and producing swords, utilizing time-honored techniques and authentic materials. On our website, you’ll discover an extensive array of swords available for purchase, encompassing a variety of styles, with the added option of customizing your selection to suit your preferences.

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